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The new ZAINA X REMOD capsule collection is set to inspire lovers of art and fashion alike and showcases the talented artisanal craftsmanship of both collaborators.

The one of a kind intricately hand-painted artwork by Zaina Alhizami contains her signature style of artistry, which incorporates vivid colors with detailed patterns and textures. This is wearable art both in terms of the garment construction and the artwork itself.

Each hand-painted garment is crafted to be completely reversible, which provides the option of two fashion looks in one.

The collection features a limited number of custom orders and provides customers with two options. The first is the original hand-painted work on the leather lining (reversible): the second option, limited edition prints on silk inner linings of the garments. You can choose your preferred fur, style, color, as well as the artwork.

These pieces are guaranteed to be in high demand with a limited supply available after the official release.

A travelling artist with wings that have taken her to places near and far, Zaina Alhizami is a painter whose works explore the human condition through colour, pattern, and texture. Bold, intricate and revealing, one receives an intimate glimpse into the psyche of the artist upon closer inspection.

Discerningly selecting her methods of learning, teachers, and mentors, Zaina undertook further training in Tuscany by classically trained artisans. Her appreciation for ancient forms of crafting strongly influences her, which is indicative of the broad use of techniques and style.

Zaina incorporates the playful elements of handcraft by innocent and unique experimentation with various materials made available to her. The result is spontaneous and by letting go, she allows the work to form of its own accord. Each piece is a labour of love: Zaina dedicates considerable time and skill to each piece, creating elements by hand to add further depth and dimension to her works.

Zaina’s works capture the imagination and invite in the viewer. Her work speaks of her femininity, expression and the complexity of the human experience. Influenced by people, places, and encounters, she hopes to guide her audience to find their own connection and meaning both within and to her works.


Alessandro Fusari (aka ALFI) was born on 24th February 1984 in Brescia, a city in northern Italy near Milan. He works at “Colorificio Astrale,” a paint shop in his city, where he provides interior design advice. Alfi learned to experiment with different painting techniques and unusual materials. Alfi has always had a great passion for colours and various types of paint.

His painting inspiration came after a fight with cancer in 2012. Since this time, he tried to express both the positive and negative emotions he was experiencing in the creation of his paintings. Every work he creates is tied to the experiences he had before, during, and after this fight for survival.

Alessandro’s artwork shows the personal way he sees human beings. In their madness, insanity, and cruelty. Alessandro is an animal lover with three dogs that he adores. His love for animals can be seen in many of his works.

Alessandro’s has shown his work at several expos around the world, including Art Expo New York 2015 as a solo show.

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